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[2011/11/30] New Federal Tire’s Christmas E-Card Launched Online!!

The holiday seasons are the most popular time of year for sending greetings to your loved ones; Federal Tire is delighted to release our new corporate electronic Christmas e-cards of 2011 in December. The Federal Marketing team is confident that the Christmas flash animation design with its bold and colorful Italian style will be a great success.

Entering the fifth year from its inception of 2006, Federal has been committed to reducing our carbon footprint by saving our natural resources to email the digital Christmas cards. “A Christmas e-card is a valuable touch point with customers, in what can be a environmental friendly way to get everyone well engaged, and make them feel like that we consider them as a part of the big Federal family. It’s also a great opportunity to project a positive brand image with logo, tires, and Feddi doll all bind together into one package." announced Henry Lin, Director of Global Sales Division, Federal Corp. “Our e-card application is ideal for Christmas. Users can access directly and show their warm and cozy regards to their friends and family whilst eliminating the paper waste of traditional Christmas Cards” he explained.

This innovative e-card application allows users to pass around their year-end blessings to recipients of all ages during happy holidays, with just a click away while sending them a fun, festive message over the link.

Log on to have a look at our new Christmas flash animation Christmas e-card. Federal wishes you all the best, and a very merry Christmas of the 2011 season.