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Mission - To dig to the root of all problems and to solve them with the utmost efficiency. To provide our end-users with the highest quality, top performance tires.
Culture – The most international tire company in Taiwan . In this era of globalization, Federal Corporation is able to meet the demands of customers world-wide. A multi-lingual sales team and marketing team is always prepared to aid in any questions and problems 24 hours a day. All Federal employees are trained to provide prompt friendly service.
Quality – Our factories are certified by ISO and all major certification and testing companies world-wide. Only the safest, cleanest, and most technologically advanced plants are able to provide top quality tires, the one thing we strive for to ensure consumer satisfaction and safety.
Ethics – Top-down and bottom-up at Federal, we follow strict conducts and live and work by high ethical standards. No problem goes foreseen. No questions goes un-answered. These high ethical standards and morals further ensures the best and the most top quality tires for our end-users.