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[2011/11/24] Federal Tires Goes Extra Miles in the 20th Taiwan Excellence Award!!

In order to enhance the international brand image and reputation of Taiwan in the global business arena of dynamic tire industry, Federal Tire was honored to announce the nominee of the 20th Taiwan    Excellence Award, which represents Taiwan’s ingenuity in product and technological innovation.

Based on four different criteria including R&D, design, quality, and marketing, each product must score evenly well in every category to be advanced to the next stage of judgment. Plus, with international panels of judges who are invited to participate in this honorable selection in which the finalists surface after several evaluations.

“We hope to share with our clients from around the world by achieving such recognition as an innovative, reliable, and worthy name among the tire manufacturers through the backup and involvement of Taiwan Excellence campaign.” Taz Yeh, Motorsports Project Manager further commented.

FZ-201 R compound semi-sleek racing tire and Couragia F/X asymmetrical tire in support of LSUV under Federal banner have clinched more worldwide accolades in extreme and highly-competitive motorsports competitions than other players particularly in Asian and Oceanic countries, both of which have become renowned lineups in their field. The FZ-201 with a trendy and stylish design has claimed enormous trophies as well as appointed as control tire such as the popular and historical Targa New Zealand Rally Race in 2011 season, and the official title sponsor of Malaysian Super Series & Sepang S1K.

Innovation is the key component of the success of Taiwan brands. For more than 50 years, Federal Tire is committed to developing a host of best of the best products with outstanding performance, while offering the professional service and care to different market segment that caters to various business needs. We are determined to supply tires both excellent and rewarding which today’s driving enthusiasts are looking for.

By implementing new strategies and joining more effective events and activities that is able to generate tremendous added value and benefits from the high-end quality and technology of a tire for our global customers in return, Federal Tire has gone extra miles not only to increase and improve the awareness of Taiwan brand once again, but also bring a fulfillment as well as satisfaction to those thrill seekers on and off track in domestic and overseas markets.