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[2012/10/19] SA Tyre Distributors Entertains their clients the Federal way in Geroteck, South Africa

  SA Tyre Distributors, an authorized Federal supplier based in Cape Town, South Africa has recently invited nationwide business network including dealers and independent tyre retailers to gather around at Geroteck track, a world renowned testing facility for the ultimate driving experience running on the full rage line-ups of Federal brand.

Designed with on-road driving characteristics in mind, the exciting course takes the group with a real taste of adventure by fitting Federal EVO 245/35ZR20 on Chevrolet Lunmina SS 6.0L V8; Federal 595 225/40ZR18 on Opel Corsa 1.6i OPC TURBO, and 595 235/50R18 on Opel Astra GTC to test tyres in diverse categories such as dynamic driving, speed handling up to 180km/h, emergency lane changing, aquaplaning and braking, stability control and stopping distances.

  After spending a whole day of valuable time behind the wheel, the Federal line-ups were praised for its ease of driving in any situation, especially excellent handling properties on dry and wet. There is no surprise that the tyres behaved in a trustworthy and understandable way. According to a cluster of positive reviews, the Federal tyre promptly reacts to steering movements, and it is also stable when the driver has to make quick adjustments. In addition, the fun doesn't stop there. The challenges of the day and the adrenaline inducing driving strengthen teams, so they walk away with morale raised, loyalties forged and plenty of exhilarating experiences to share. Overall, the brand is a good example of what the modern tyre industry is capable of producing, which shows Federal is one of the best choices when driving in South Africa.

  “South Africa is a key and potential growth market for Federal. We are more than pleased to see SA Tyre Distributors and professional field sales teams have increased support levels to significantly involve to its dealers and customers.” Charles Hsu, Africa Sales Executive of Global Sales Division, Federal Corp. paid tribute to such a long standing partner in a statement. “We have seen incredible loyalty from our customers to the Federal brand, and we look forward to a massive improvements with investments focused on the areas of availability and service coming up in the near future. He concluded with confidence.