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[2011/11/10] VDB Expects to Receive First Shipment of Federal’s AZ-01!!

Federal Tyre, one of the Taiwanese leading tyre manufacturers, has delivered its Formoza AZ01 asymmetrical touring tyre to loyal customer Van den Ban Autobanden B.V. (VDB) , marking the company’s first purchase order to the essential European export market. The newly launched Formoza AZ01 was dispatched in size of 225/50R17 98W XL and 225/55R17 101W XL from its Jiangxii-based plant in Nanchang, China, and is scheduled to arrive later around the coming December.

Director of Global Sales Division Henry Lin was excited to introduce the new line under Formoza family to the public, said “The Federal Formoza brand has always clearly shown its advance technology to supply the premium tyre to Europe and the world,” He continued. “We are more than happy to have our long-time friend such as VDB distributing not only Formoza AZ01, but also a complete line of Federal products to local dealers and drivers” he continued.

Designed to offer the typical characteristics of Federal’s Formoza series, the high quality of Formoza AZ-01 is specifically developed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride with superior handling and control for today's leading touring coupes and sedans. The AZ-01's asymmetrical tread design features the benefits of uniquely inner curved groove walls to quickly evacuate water on wet roads at high speeds; while the pattern with well-balanced rigidity from the solid outside area, improving excellent performance and outstanding traction. Most importantly, it meets the European regulations in terms of protecting the environment.

The AZ-01 has set new standards in its category by extending round shoulder area to increase the contact patch which offers comfortable riding stability with more grip in turns. In addition, the brand new noise-reduction with 5 differently formed blocks is aligned in optimized disorder fashion to reach lowest noise level. The touring performance tyre has joined the Formoza family consisting of Formoza FD1 and FD2. It is a result of extensive research and testing of new tire engineering solutions, compounds and pattern designs, all of which is aimed at achieving the best possible combination of performance, comfort, security and efficiency.

Formoza AZ-01 is currently available in 3 key spec including 205/50 R17 93W XL
225/55 R17 101W XL, and 225/50 R17 98W XL, and is planned to release a further impressive range during the third quarter of 2012.