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[2009/10/29] Federal Announces New Release Of 595 RPM Asymmetric High Performance Sport Tire

Always pushing to the limits to produce a revolutionary tire in the industry, the 595RPM is Federal’s first ever asymmetric tire engineered particularly for passionate driving enthusiasts. This new sporting breed presents the latest evolution in design from the Federal technical team, and is “ready to be worn by the ultimate sport sedan.” To say the least, it is a deal fitment which sets a new standard for exceptional performance and luxury; giving sporty handling characteristics of the world’s most prestigious and desirable supercars.

Utilizing advancement through technology, the latest product of 595RPM was carried out to run computer simulations in a range of conditions to optimize a rounded tread profile for a quiet and pleasant ride before its official launch. The tire receives plenty of performance upgrades with four drainage grooves developed to provide improved stability, while maintaining a consistent footprint in wet. The asymmetrical tread pattern enhanced within the inner and outer shoulder areas ensures a smooth pace, with efficient water displacement against aquaplaning and decrease rolling noise without conceding its controllability. Sloped Radius Gradient (SRG) spreads out evenly the stiffness of the blocks to prevent irregular wear. The tire aligned with strong blocks on the sidewall contributes a more equal distribution of pressure across the entire contact patch, improving cornering capability under extreme maneuver. The result is a best asymmetric tire that incorporates comfort, sportiness and safety. Other advantages encompass jointless nylon band and steel filler reinforcement for excellent uniformity achieved in high speed. The use of the “595RPM” emblem applied on the center rib displayed an artistic visual identity, delivering an exquisite distinction and exclusivity to your personal sport saloon.

In addition, a dedicated printed brochure features an easy-to-use layout is publicized to consumers and international dealers as part of our marketing references. The new-look of sales literature reflects the direction in which the Federal brand is heading – aesthetics, fashion and speed. It focuses a clean, professional design along with dynamic photographic style that emphasizes the brand’s high performance and high quality attributes. The superb full color, well thought-out demonstration not only graces content pages but accentuate the product information in every detail from description, benefits to specification. Followed with a key slogan “My Tire, My Life” at the very opening of its introduction, Federal Group C.E.O. Shu Jam Ma on the company’s behalf, has further added his credit to the new addition in a written statement which goes: “I am serious about performance. That is why I prefer the 595RPM over the original factory tires. You will feel the difference.”

The 595 RPM asymmetric sport tire is initially available in five sizes: 255/30ZR21, 225/35ZR19, 285/35ZR19, 225/40ZR18 and 215/45R17, with more expanded after market ensembles to complete the luxurious sport tire line.