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[2012/08/21] Federal Tyre and Warner Bros. present a true show of a fantastic ride and memorable fun in Australia

   A strategic alliance between Federal Tyre and Warner Bros. proved a remarkable success after an enjoyable meeting of top-level executives in Queensland, Australia. Earlier in August, an unprecedented opportunity has brought global leaders of tyre and entertainment industries together for an invigorating exchange of information, ideas and insights. Jamie Ma, CEO of Federal Corp. and Michael Croaker, Head of Entertainment, also Creative Director at Village Roadshow Theme Parks both had a learned about from each other by sharing the same value and know-how of successful leadership and business management. The quality of the conversations they had was refreshingly high.

    Warner Bros Movie World at the Gold Coast Australia is perfect holiday destination for families with a cross-section of ages. The highlight of the show is based on the filming of an action movie which features a lot of drifting and chasing scenes, and its Italian village theme gives the park a glitz and glamour buzz that takes audiences on a car-flying adventure across the rooftops of buildings. They can hear the screaming brakes, smell the burnt rubber and see how it all comes, all of which are performed by real life professional stunt drivers known as the Hell Drivers on a real-live movie set over breathtaking stunts and precision driving.

    “It was very thrilling and amazing. This international crossover collaboration allowed Federal to further expand its geographic footprint in Australia as the extreme stunt show contains a variety of excitement by running on Federal brand tyres.” Jamie Ma was impressed with the quality live entertainment production. Meantime, he admired Croaker’s passion, enthusiasm, and hard work behind the scenes in one of Australia's most exciting industries to conceive ideas of demonstrating such a diverse and unique series of large scale show in-park.

    Among Hollywood Stunt Drivers team is Warren Luff, an established racing star, twice crowned Mitsubishi Mirage Series, and secured 4 titles wins of V8 Ute Australian Champion in 1999, 2000, 2002 and 2003 respectively. He is the son of the world renowned driver training instructor Ian Luff, and best known as a race driver, stunt driver and driver training instructor. Luff has most recently worked as a stunt driver at Movie World on Gold Coast, and served as the Driving Standards Observer for the V8 Utes Series.