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[2012/08/17] Federal Tires debut Asia Cross-Country Rally assault for 2012

  Federal has set for Eastern adventure and made its competition debut as presenting sponsor of the 17th Asia Cross-Country Rally 2012. The top flight rallying championship in Southeast Asia was held between August 12th to 16th which took competitors to run across the Kingdom of Thailand and Cambodia during a 5-day marathon event.

  The attraction of the Asia Cross-Country Rally 2012, in particular, lies with the combination of driving and navigating techniques that determine who is going to win. The route traveled with an overall distance of approximately 1,300 kilometers with 5 competitive Selective Sections and 11 Round Stages. It is an ideal platform for Federal to promote and showcase the off- and on-road capabilities of Couragia M/T.

  In addition to that event, Federal also provided the opportunity for seven talent racers to contest the battle by outfitted Couragia M/T. The racing crews flying Federal colors are confident to take the class victory in T1 Diesel category. Each has tremendously successful experience, and all of them aim to fight their way through the dust to showoff durability and performance of the tire. “Racing on Federal tires with Mr. AOKI provides me with the confidence to push as hard as we need to at any given time.” veteran female runner Roslyn Shen praised Federal’s contribution gave her comment. This time, she will team-up with Japanese driver Takatsugu AOKI as co-driver in Mitsubishi Triton.

  Other participants benefited from the same products include Kazuteru KAWAWAKI, the reigning champion of 2011 Gymkhana; Hiroyuki IIRI, who claimed the winner in 2006 GT (Grand Touring) Championship; and a musician driver named Michihiro ASAI.

  The competitiveness of the tire was acknowledged by everyone in Federal’s privateer partner team, all of whom validated the versatility of the Couragia M/T and Federal Tires has once again confirmed its expertise in the field of rally race.

  The Federal Couragia M/T is designed to test the limits of 4X4 machinery particularly when it comes to traction and durability, where the tires are heavily emphasized. It proved very valuable without compromising its performance when race action got underway with the ceremonial finish taking place at Angkor Wat. Federal Tires and its all-star team of drivers will be looking to secure a podium win by capturing a first place finish out there.