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[2012/08/06] Federal Tyre achieves winning title at MSC Challenge in Bihoku Circuit of Japan

  Federal Tyre, a popular high performance choice for driving enthusiasts, continues to balance its accomplishments throughout the motorsports field by claiming its winning title on top of the podium, as Team Federal driving enthusiast Singawa Takeshi, who proved all day that his Silvia S14 /Federal Tyre was the best drifting machine to beat, took home the prestigious award in the fifth stage of 2012 Muscle Challenge Championship.

  The MSC events are held 12 events at all corners of Japan from Kyushu in the south to Hokkaido in the north. Round five of the game found the sold-out crowd eclipsed attendance records for MSC Challenge Championship, as the 2012 season turned out to be the closest and most competitive chase took place at Bihoku Highland Circuit, up in the hills of Okayama Prefecture in the region of western Japan.

  Federal Tyre was successful in our quest to once again bring one of our team drivers a runner-up winner, while Singawa sun held the first two tops spot with a leading gap in points separated other competitors during the dedicated one-day race event. The pressure was substantial with a wide variety of unique homebuilt street legal vehicles mostly seen from Japanese drift spectrum took part at MSC event series. This variation in car styles makes MSC race very fun and worth to watch. Federal’s Singawa successfully attacked the competition at “Expert Class”, and took the second place overall.

As evidenced by its exterior condition, Takeshi’s S14 fitted on Federal 595 RS-R both front and rear has a very aggressive drift style with dramatic color scheme. Following his first win of the season, his excitement with the triumph was obvious.

“The battles this year seemed to be that much harder as everyone upped their game; but I focused in my relentless pursuit of the ultimate goal,” declared Singawa Takeshi. "I am confident we’ll continue to finish strongly as the set-up of running was well presented, and I can fully count on the tremendous consistency of my Federal RS-R tyres, as they did a nice job of showing the insane amount of steering angle to its limit." He continued.

  Federal was pleased with positive feedback of 595RS-R. “This clearly is the kind of result we are looking for,” “and winning at Bihoku Circuit is massive for any driver under such an intense circumstance and surrounding.” added Jerry Lai, Asia Sales Representative, Federal Corp.

“This is an important victory for Federal, because it verifies the performance capabilities of the 595 RS-R high performance tyre, which is our highly regarded competition tyre,” “With the intention to support the world-class activities such as MSC Challenge, we hope to continually expand our presence and raise our sights in all fields to show Federal is a strong competitor and manufacturer., as we expanded our testing and research and development of our 595 RS-R tyre to make sure we had our team of players in the position to win every event” he concluded.