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[2012/07/06] Federal Tires 2012 Brand Video Campaign Premiere

    Marking the beginning of sixty years celebration jubilee in the coming 2014, Federal Tires has build a more effective marketing platform with a strong intention of expanding Federal’s online presence through the utilization of professional film production by releasing a new corporate video on its YouTube channel.

    The Federal Marketing Team led the development of the new campaign in a strategic partnership with a world-class professional talent from Jiou-Tian Folk Drums and Arts Troupe, to unveil their maiden motor sporting venture through the creativity of artistic and athletic drumming performance as a way of engaging audiences, which takes traditional Taiwanese culture into an enticing blend of entertainment to keep the atmosphere live and hopping.

    Using motorsports as a proving ground for more than a decade, Federal Tires has taken a leading role with continuous focus on one of such a popular spectator sport by getting involved into international well-known racing events over the past. The street-racing action film showcased trio racecar running on Federal’s flagship ultra high performance products, while the heart-pounding, tire-smoking scene is spotlight to capture essentially key tire benefits on grip, acceleration and toughness. The result is nothing short of stunning with a series of unconventional, exhilarating driving experience behind the wheels.

    With the growth of digital technology; the emergence and popularity of YouTube and other similar portals, video promotion has become a necessary component of any successful marketing plan. It is a new user friendly and visually appealing medium to enhance our communications in increasing brand recognition, and bringing awareness to emotionally connected with millions of passionate motorsports audiences.

    Racing fans, fasten your seatbelts, and take a look at the tire-shredding action available on YouTube at

Meanwhile, anyone who is interested in how the flick was developed may watch the attractive extreme sports footage behind scenes at, as it takes on most of famous landmarks of Kaohsiung, a dynamic city of southern Taiwan ever.

Sit back and enjoy!! Federal Tires promises to be an exciting, unforgettable ride!!