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[2009/08/11] Federal Introduces Himalaya SUV 4X4 Ice-breaking Confidence Snow Tire

As one of the globally top tire manufacturers to differentiate itself from other winter tire market in Central Europe, Federal has recently added the latest snow tire development to the Himalaya portfolio. Designed specifically for drivers looking for traction and wintry safety under slippery, iced conditions, the technology-driven Himalaya SUV is engineered to enhance the most winter driving performance with more control and stability given in cold temperatures, making an ideal application to fit a wide range of today’s popular and luxury sports utility vehicles.

The tire features the squarish tread block and newly developed silica rubber compound which increase contact patch with the ability to grip snow. Longitudinal groove pattern is intended to deliver surely footed traction and straight line stability on snowy pavement. Meantime, ladder-shaped slope design along the groove allows slush to be evacuated for optimized driving experience. Not only boasted the fulfillment of severe snow service conditions and its responsive steering capability on icy and snowy road surface, the multiple pitch arrangement provides outstanding water dispersion in wet and slushy conditions, offering high level safety from skiddy road. In addition to the snowplowing excellence, the highly straightened construction of Himalaya SUV also yields precise handling and smooth ride at high speed maneuverability, thanks to the best tire profile, durability and pressure distribution achieved through the state-of-the-art computer simulation.

Other major benefits and innovative characteristics include high modulus polyester forms a tire with more uniformity and consistency while steering or stopping on ice and snow covered surface. Jointless nylon band contributes to uniformity and reduces rolling noise as well as a well placed ledge within the groove to ensure slush expulsion.The Himalaya SUV, Federal’s newest SUV sport snow tire will lead your car to go just about anywhere in particularly extreme weather with ice-breaking confidence and is now available in aspect ratios 55 to 70 series, wheel diameter codes 16 to 18 inches and T speed rating.