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[2012/06/19] 2012 Reifen Review:Federal Debuted Himalaya ICEO at Center Stage of the show

    Federal & Hero Tyres has been benefited from the recent success of the worldwide flagship tire trade exhibition in Essen, Germany. Federal is keen to emphasis the major presence of brand image to represent a new level of internationality by showcasing its Himalaya ICEO winter tyre to the general public. The stand features a meeting room, an open space sitting area in order to meet existing and potential clients and business partners.

    Following the show, Jamie Ma, CEO of Federal Corp. unveiled the newest product and offered media friends the chance to assess innovations of our Himalaya ICEO winter tyre in the press conference.    

    “We are really pleased with how popular Federal and Hero stand was this year at the 2012 Reifen Show, as it is a six year history of attending the event, and we valued our participation as a great platform for establishing new contacts, reinforcing relationships with veteran partners, and placing orders. The success of the fair has certainly created a great deal of interest in Reifen 2012.” Henry Lin, Director of Global Sales Division added.

    New from Federal’s winter tyre portfolio, the asymmetrical profile of Himalaya ICEO contains a special compound of new-generation high distribution silica and foamy material which delivers the grip to face the challenges of severe weather road conditions especially in extremely temperature.

    Additionally, three different circumferential tread pitches help to reduce vibrations and road noise. The result is a combination of multiple sipes and micro-pumps with a state-of-the-art rubber silica-based rubber compound helps deliver an excellent solution for power and precision in winter driving.

    Initially, the Himalaya ICEO line will be adapted to the particular needs of some specific markets such as Nordic Europe, Russian, CIS (Commonwealth of Independence States), and Japanese markets, with tyre sizes ranging from 155/70R13 through 245/45R18.