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[2011/8/31] SA Tyres Hosted a Successful Ride-and-Drive Event with Federal in South Africa

SA Tyres recently held a riding experience to its clients and salesmen at Gerotek Testing Facility near Johannesburg, where business partners participating in the 2011One Day Test Drive program from all over the country in South Africa has been given the opportunity to see how the Federal fitments are evaluated for an overall tyre test under hazardous driving conditions.

In keeping with the theme of the event, attendees were invited to learn with an idea of an one hour educational driving instruction in the “Wet and Dry Skid Pan” before taking part of the impactful challenge of driving the cars around the track themselves, under the guidance of qualified drivers on a variety surface and section of the circuit at speeds exceeding 180 kmh – all of which are aimed to get the full experience of the ultimate road holding and handling capabilities of the tyres, and better understand why the ‘shoes’ on their vehicles are as equally important as the shoes on their feet. The day ends well following a result that has proved products under Federal banner are the right tyre choices for the demanding and quality conscious driver who is looking for long-lasting and reliable high-performance tyres with its competitive price.

“The development of Federal applications featuring low rolling resistance compound and construction was impressive in terms of noise, vibration and harshness. You can tell the difference from behind the wheel, especially when navigating through obstacle road course in a valley with rapid ascents and decents, including airborne travel and 90 degree turns at very high speeds. ” both existing and potential dealers who enjoyed Technical Fun Day running on Federal Tyres pointed out with satisfaction after testing. “We have started the annual program for years. Our goal was to clearly demonstrate the tyre’s performance by convincing our visitors and sales force with a personal experience that built a true profession of knowledge and confidence in them when it comes to sell Federal tyres.” said Mr. Troy Carter and David Evans, Managing Directors of SA Tyres.