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[2011/7/4] 2011 Formula Drift Round 4 Gave Fans a Real Taste of the Federal 595 RS-R Tire Smoke

With years of professional racing experiences and a successful track record around the world, Federal has been lived up its name particularly in development of drag racing tires as well as trackside marketing activities among those leading tire manufacturers. We are proud to collaborate with internationally renowned drifters, Matt Waldin and Dean Kearney for the 2011 Formula Drift Championship, and continue to push forward as the season reaches the halfway point.

Located in Wall Township, NJ, the well known Wall Speedway on the East Coast has hosted the exciting Round 4 race event on June 17-18, where the track is the combination of the challenging nature with a 16 degree banked oval along the straightaway and 30 degrees on the turns. The 2-day event weekend has filled with the best drifting action in the nation with the top drivers putting it all on the line on the very tricky course. All the riders had to concentrate on maintaining a neat and tidy driving style, which avoids sliding the car too much and heating up the tires. Having piloted a Nissan Z350, Matt is no stranger to the field; while Dean campaigning his Dodge Viper in the Formula Drift season behind the wheel. Both Team Federal Racing talents ran perfectly for the victory all weekend to ensure their fans a true showing of world class drifting.

Speaking of the performance from a tire’s point of view, “We are extremely confident with our Federal 595RS-R high performance racing tires, as we have been improving step by step all year. The grip comes mainly from the Federal’s 595RS-R sport tire, which manages to generate exceptional traction without deflation under full power. It helped attack the most demanding sequence of corners of the lap as neatly as possible, controlling the car's reactions smoothly even after heavy braking.” noted Waldin. “The Federal brand provides increased adhesion as well as durability, which is absolutely crucial at this point to boost ultimate top speed when running the grippy rubber of 595 RS-R.” Kearney also gave his comment through steering. “We are especially pleased with how this season has gone so far as Matt and Dean have gained confidence and moved up closer to their potentials.” Taz Yeh, Project Manager of Federal Motorsports (FMS) said.

The 595RS-R flagship tire has gone through various changes to become more competitive and reliable. Team Federal Racing is excited to be working with the two individual competitors in a good form of growing sport this year and believes that our partnership will bring synergy for the overall win as the Formula Drift Championship will go on for its Round 5 on the calendar in U.S.A at Evergreen Speedway on July 22-23.