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[2011/6/10] Federal Tyres & Consor Tyres Group Joining Forces at Autopromotec Exhibition to Promote Their New Di

A first joint show for Federal Tyres and Consor Tyres Group is benefitting from the recent success of Autopromotec 2011 in Bologna, Italy. Attendance of the exhibition also incorporates the annual meetings as we both share the common goal of improving the image of Federal brand in Italy by supplying the best quality of tyres to local partners.

Following the show, Federal welcomes Consor Tyres Group’s members and associates from across the country for the open exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts to adapt and prosper in the reemerging domestic marketplace of Italy and beyond. Not only to announce that Federal is going to expand its Italy distribution through a partnership with Consor Tyres Group, Jamie Ma, CEO of Federal Corporation has also appeared as a featured speaker to address with a full background of the Taiwan-based leading tyre company covering its history, worldwide accolades, and other key issue including business briefings during the conference. All of which assured that dealers will continue to receive the premium products and support they have come to rely on.

At this year’s Autopromotec in 2011, presence of Federal Tyres & Consor Tyres Group grabbed the attention of visitors with a highly visible number of brand’s extensive range of products. In addition, the Federal executive and sales force were on-hand, with a great opportunity working together with Consor Tyres from the stand to present the brand and the business relationship under one umbrella to potential customers. “We are excited about our great future teaming up with Consor Tyres Group. It should be a perfect showcase for both of our businesses.” Henry Lin, Director of Global Sales Division, Federal Corp. added.

New for 2011, Federal has officially unveiled our internationally recognized category – the Couragia F/X asymmetric tire, which is well-known globally for its remarkably short wet and dry braking distances, precise handling, high cornering responsiveness, as well as smooth and quiet ride. The introduction of Federal’s flagship products in its Couragia lineup at the event has created a real talking point and certainly added a great deal of interest among the international guests. “Couragia F/X has truly taken the driving experience to a new level. We are really pleased with how popular our stand was this year at the Bolongna Show. The results showed an impressive interest from around the world such as Russia, East Europe, Northern Africa and many others. Meanwhile, we’re extremely confident the release of Federal F/X will soon to be a great success especially in Italy and else where in Europe.” Henry Lin further gave his comment.