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[2011/5/3] Federal Exports Initial Shipment of Run-flat Tyres to Distributor in UK

Allocation of Federal’s 595 EVO run-flat to Group Tyre, a tire wholesaler in UK will soon to be arrived around May. Group Tyres and its nationwide members are expecting to welcome the initial delivery of the offering to the country.

“Federal designs, manufactures and supplies the best-in-class 595 EVO run-flat tyre which contributes towards enhanced driving safety, and prevents a tyre from deforming and puncturing. As such, we cannot think of a more suitable way to mark the start of international distribution of the FRF (Federal Run-Flat) tyres than to send our first shipment to UK that further strengthen our ongoing relationship between Federal and Group Tyres," Henry Lin, Director of Global Sales Division, Federal Corp. gave his comment said.

“We are very excited to be getting our first shipment of units out to the well established partner like Group Tyres. As shipments are continued to be secured, we kept receiving a good response so far. Customer around the world such as SA Tyre from South Africa is eager to seal the deal of newly-introduced product. The performance characteristics of the 595 EVO Run-flat further demonstrate Federal’s breakthrough technology in manufacturing such tyre. We look forward to obtaining more additional orders from other global markets in the near future.” He stated.

Especially designed to provide ability to proceed driving in case of tire damage or deflation The FRF technology formulated into 595 EVO run-flat tyre comes with reinforced sidewalls with stiffer, more heat-resistant rubber to support deflated tyre. It features enhanced handling, ultimate driving experience, and allows car travels safely to tyre service point. The result is a new 595 EVO run-flat application which is re-engineered to best fit every sophisticated vehicle for greater stability and improved safety.

Federal’s Chung Li-based production facility is currently working on its schedule with quality workmanship of producing the innovative run-flat version of 595 EVO that ensures drivers with competitive edge, while other key size fitments are aimed to be released officially at later stage.