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[2011/4/21] Federal Vietnam Distributor Red Ants Enjoyed a Memorable Trip to Taiwan

Red Ants, one of Federal’s long-time business partners in Vietnam had recently paid a visit combined sightseeing travel to major attractions around the city of Taipei, together with a tour of the Federal factory in Chung-Li, Taiwan. During the gathering between April 10th and15th, the group of 28 representatives have taken this opportunity to share ideas and collaborative networks to adapt and prosper in the market.

The Federal’s conference event, which took place on April 14th and welocmed by the director of Federal Global Sales Department, Mr. Henry Lin is a forum covering topics such as techniques and practices for improving their marketing and branding efforts across both retail and wholesale locations that ultimately to increase business sales and drive traffic in targeted tire segment. Also, we addressed the vision in new tires and marketing by supplying new point-of-sale materials including tire stands, posters, and literature to support our independent tire dealers. To Federal Tires, innovation equals to new products, and they play a critical role in moving the Federal brand forward as we plan to maintain a high frequency of new product introductions in the company’s overall lineup that fulfills the customer’s needs. The conference featured an introduction of innovative, award-winning ultra-high performance motorsports racing tires, followed by a Product Showcase of Federal Couragia F/X for LSUV and XUV for SUV touring tires – all of which received valuable feedbacks from our international guests, who had shown a serious interest in keeping up with the latest developments in the tire industry.

The meeting had culminated with a factory tour of Federal’s Chung-Li-based manufacturing facilities, where the participants were given a "start-to-finish" tour with meticulous process of how a Federal tire is made. Members of Red Ants were amazed to witness the operational excellence of hard work and dedication of those Federal assembly staff that is put into each and every stage of assembling the tire. Our customers found the visit to Chung-Li plant truly helped to reinforce that message and cement some excellent business relationships.

In their five-day, four-night trip, the group visited numbers of great places and sights on the island for a memorable tour including the world-renowned National Palace Museum to take a closer look at the various exhibits, and learned more about Chinese ancient art and culture; Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, a grand white building, topped with blue tiles and architectural design that sits in the center of beautifully manicured grounds and serves as an important landmark of downtown Taipei; the lively Shilin night market for sampling some famous Taiwanese delicacies, and experiencing the vivid atmosphere of the local culture and nightlife.