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[2013/12/9] Federal tyre presented successfully for Lotus Greater China Race 2013 in Macau Grand Prix

As the very first Taiwanese tyre brand participating in an international racing event, Federal Corporation honorably launched a partnership with Lotus to be the official tyre supplier for Lotus Greater China Race 2013 during the Macau Grand Prix, which is recognized as the most internationally prestigious racing festival and celebrated its diamond jubilee this year. For welcoming the 60th anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix, Lotus exclusively held ‘Lotus Greater China Race’ on November 15th and 16th, highly drawing public attention.
Federal motorsport tyres have been enjoying remarkable prestige in auto racing because of its exceptional features and property, enabling vehicles to elevate the performance to a higher level. During the grand event, drivers and audience praised for the greatness of the tyre quality. Moreover, Jamie Ma, C.E.O of Federal Corporation, showed up in the event, being extremely welcomed by the host unit and drivers and greatly focused on by the press, and Federal’s motorsports product lineups and brand image were embraced warmly.
One thing worth mentioning, among so many Taiwanese tyre brands, with his strong passion for auto racing, Jamie Ma is the first and the only C.E.O that had took part in motorsports competitions. Therefore, not only does Federal Corporation actively join sponsorships with global motorsports events, it also strives for innovating and developing technology for enhancing tyre efficiency and performance so that drivers could control vehicle well while driving on the track at full speed.
Mr. Jamie Ma said “Federal Corporation will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2014. The partnership with Lotus Greater China Race undoubtedly proved the outstanding quality of Federal products. Meanwhile, Federal Corporation looks forward to joining or even holding internaitonal events in Greater China region and other regions.”