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[2014/08/14] First Time Ever! Federal Tyres’ Chairman Attended AXCR

Federal Tyres proudly celebrates its Diamond Jubilee in 2014. From the beginning of the year a series of grant events have been launched. This time, Federal Tyres, as the third consecutive joint sponsor of the Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR), touched down in Thailand for the event, and the chairman, Shu-Jam Ma, unprecedentedly showed up at the opening ceremony, waving the company flag, sharing the proud of Federal Tyres’ long heritage with the world and wishing the best to the 2014 AXCR.

Apart from the joy of Federal Tyres’ 60th anniversary, another exciting news is that, Federal Tyres once again becomes the tyre sponsor of Two & Four Motorsports, the top-notch MITSUBISHI team, which is to compete at the 2014 AXCR, with Couragia M/T being installed on MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV, MITSUBISHI PAJERO and MITSUBISHI STRADA.

Couragia M/T is developed to surpass the limit of 4X4 machinery and to conquer any tough terrains and severe weather. When it comes to handling, grip and water dispersion on the toughest road conditions, Couragia M/T never compromises. The Two & Four Motorsports has vanquished in many events and proved the impressive performance of Federal Tyres’ Couragia M/T in rally races, and the Mitsubishi OUTLANDER PHEV installed with Couragia MT has also exposed in many exhibitions and been highly embraced.

Federal Corporation’s Global sales and marketing director, Da-Wu Chen, comments” 2014 is a milestone year for Federal Tyres. It is an honor to be part of the AXCR and the MITSUBISHI team again, and it is a pleasure for Federal Tyres to present its 60-year prosperous fruit to the world! We have been getting involved in sports events, impressing the world with our product quality, and we will keep working on it.”