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[2013/9/4] Federal’s shipment to Russia with stickers of MUFC logo for the first time

After officially launching the partnership with Manchester United at Interauto Show, Federal has already started a series of promotional activities in Russia and in Taiwan. The first one begins from September 2013. All the product shipments to Russia and to Taiwan from Federal Corp. will be attached the stickers with Federal and MUFC’s logos. The stickers not only symbolize the close partnership between Federal and MUFC, but also demonstrate the confidence in the quality of Federal’s products.

Geoffrey Chang, Manager of Marketing Dept, Federal Corp. indicates ‘Attaching the Federal and MUFC’s logos stickers is just a beginning. In the future, we are going to have diverse promotional activities. These will be a great opportunity to be closer with the end-users; moreover, we expect to bring the differences to our products, our brands and even to the industry.’