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[2013/9/11] Federal jointly sponsored AXCR 2013 Couragia M/T conquers entire Asia

As a joint sponsor of FEDERAL-FLEX Asian Cross Country Rally 2013, Federal once again made its attendance at the topflight championship in Southeast Asia, held from August 10th to August 16th. The route consisted of 2255.53 km and ran through from Pattaya of Thailand to Pakse of Cambodia during a 7-day long-drawn event. Throughout the route, rough road and muddy lane, humid jungle, dry gravels and coast pathway challenges the limits and patience of drivers and fleets. The weather is also unpredictable and severe, including scorching sun with sizzling heat as well as heavy rainfall.

In addition to being the joint sponsor, Federal had also cooperated with Japanese prestigious modification company grouping two elite fleets called “FLEX-FEDERAL SHOW AIKAWA”. The teams were supervised by the Japanese famous artist Show Aikawa. The driver of first team is the Japanese artist HIROMI, who had attended Japan Super GT and D1GP drift partnering with Sadatoshi Ando, the experienced co-driver. The other team was led by Masahiro TERADA, attending Darkar Rally for many times and was cooperated with Taiwanese female co-driver Roslyn Shen. The modified Toyota FJ-Cruiser with car-painting caught much attention during the competition. Federal sponsored the promising team- Mitsubishi and Propack “TWO & FOUR MOTORSPORTS”- as well. Takatsugu AOKI and Kenji ISHIDA, both battled-seasoned drivers, steered MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER PHEV, Plug-in Hybrid and successful took the first place in the Plug-in Hybrid group.

Tire is always the key to the championship in a competition. The Federal Couragia M/T, firstly launched in 2012, was once again adored by Federal’s sponsored teams this year. They validated the versatility of the Couragia M/T and testified its expertise in the field of rally race. The Couragia M/T is designed to challenge the limits of 4X4 machinery and is proved the unprecedented durability and traction to tough terrains and severe weather without compromising its performance in handling.

Federal is always highly involved in a diversity of competitions. Through supporting FEDERAL-FLEX Asian Cross Country Rally, Federal successfully makes itself famous in Asia; also, more and more racers know the excellent performance of our products. Federal Corporation never stops developing latest technology and high quality products in order to meet clients’ needs and expectations. In the future, we expect that our products will be at present in different competitions and reach every corner of the world.