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[2013/8/29] Federal Scores with Manchester United by taking a targeted approach to soccer in Inter Auto, Russia

Taking place between August 28th to 31st in Moscow, Russia, the 2013 Interauto Automotive Exhibition will find Federal’s stand space give not only a some proportion of newly displayed key patterns such as Himalaya WS2, SUV, ICEO winter tyres, Formoza AZ-01, and other range of Couragia 4x4 product lines, but also add new twist to expand its strategic alliance by sealing a multi-year sponsorship with Manchester United Fan Club. The new partnership will see Federal Tyre become an official sponsor partner across Taiwanese and Russian marketplace.

Other than communicating the latest tyre business developments during exhibition period, Federal joins forces with its Russian dirstributors –Stroganov & Co for its maiden participation of Interauto this year is expected to hit a new breakthrough. Federal Tyre has been a long-time supporter of motorsports racing events from around the world; the new addition of the activation alignment is a great way for Federal to increase its presence particularly in potentially selected markets of Taiwan and Russia.

“We are more than thrilled and pleased to take this opportunity and share exhibition space with an exciting announcement of our initial relationship with the top-level professional football league to our sales networks from overseas and local tyre distributors, independent tyre retailers to consumers.” stated Geoffrey Chang, Manager of Marketing Dept., Federal Corp.“As this is a first ever try out for Federal to make such beneficial tie a more significant part of our current marketing commitment. We wish to direct the brand’s entry into the global soccer landscape for further impressions and interests. He gave his comment to the deal.

Following the signing of a primary sponsorship agreement, we will be able to expose Federal brand and its flagship of high quality tyres to the passionate audiences, as well as participatory sport followers, all of which is in hope to drive a deeper connection through high profile sport and recreation of soccer games of MUFC.

We believe that overall engagement program between Federal and MUFC is going to prove a tremendous success with exceptional return in terms of Federal’s brand perception among the general population of soccer fans and beyond.