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[2010/12/07] Federal Announces the Launch of its Latest Couragia F/X Asymmetric Tire

Federal has unveiled an innovative new tire line into its Couragia Adventure series to continue our emphasis on its SUV tire expertise. Being the latest addition to the Couragia SUV range- the Couragia F/X tire is designed to deliver steering precision, powerful controllability, and uniquely long mileage for a comfortable ride. This new application product, with its asymmetrical design, is demanded by drivers of today's upscale vehicles to offer a “superior alternative” in terms of grip and driving stability that fulfills every need for the U.S. and European LSUVs.

The impressive performance characteristics of the Couragia F/X include remarkably short wet and dry braking distances, precise handling, and high cornering responsiveness which were specifically tailored to meet the requirements of high performance LSUV vehicles such as the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 & X6, Lexus RX 450h, Cadillac SRX, Mercedes Benz ML, Audi Q7, and Range Rover Sport, etc. It incorporates three new developments to provide superior 3”E” road performance: Extremely stability under high speed, Excellent grip for dry and wet road conditions, and Exceptionally smooth and quiet ride to best suit the need for supporting the 3”H” of LSUV: High horse power, High center of gravity, and High chassis.

The Couragia F/X asymmetric tire is the perfect balance of function and fashion! From the stylish look of the asymmetric tread to the combination of tenacious grip and maneuverability, the tire also sports a perfectly wide and stability-improved footprint. Additionally, it features a scuff rib that enhances toughness of the sidewall against external stresses to protect the rim from damage. The traction is accomplished by using stiff interconnected blocks design, increasing the amount of edges in the tire contact patch. With a strong character derived from its aggressive tread pattern, the Couragia F/X, in concordance with true Federal spirit, adds much to the personality prowess of the vehicle on which it is fitted.

With a view in maximizing the versatility of the Couragia F/X’s performance, Federal engineers focused their attention on the tread compound with a mixture of Ultra-grip, High Styrene Rubber (SBR), Super-rigid, Nanotechnology Carbon Black, and New High Distribution Silica – all are applied not only to ensure a good mileage performance but also to achieve a higher level of wet traction. The newly evolved Disorder Pitch Evolution Theory (D.P.E.T.) utilizes computer simulation to layer out the optimal ratio among five different tire blocks and calculate the most desirable sound frequency, resulting in an ultimate low rolling noise level while driving. The tire has further adopted a clear EU tire labeling and the improvement in tire information for consumers at the point of sale to be accordance with the government regulations and our commitment to the environment.

Starting late in this October, 2010, the new Couragia F/X will initially be available in numerous popular sizes ranging from 17-inch to 20-inch rim diameter, with customizing sector for V-, W-, and Y-rated tires (from 240 km/h to 300 km/h ) in Federal Tires’ key markets at your local Federal Tire dealers.