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[2010/01/29] Federal Launched New Image Enhancement Superstation

Following the resounding success from early 2008 onwards, Federal Tire is pushing the envelope further to develop and offer an extensive marketing plan specifically for tire dealers. Launched in keeping with the company's policy to strengthen its position in the local market, the objective of the image corner marks a step in a global effort to help consumers gain a better understanding of Federal. We aim, through this new development at covering major locations internationally, to create a sustainable showroom that establishes the essence of the Federal brand for sustaining its competitive edge and improving the dealer's business in all areas.

As one of the cornerstones of its marketing strategy, the special attraction of the Federal Image Corner free-standing installment is in combination with a set of tire rack, poster stand and promotional item display, all of which are well placed from its high-profile location at the dealers’ workplace. We have worked on a concept that is confident, straightforward, engaging and dynamic to fit the brand values by using the store to demonstrates its latest technologies and to provide and information that gives the customer a positive feeling and lasting effect towards the brand. All of these signature products and services are conveniently located under one roof within a customer-friendly environment where consumers are welcome to interact more with our products whilst stay connected simply and seamlessly with the market trend.

Anchored on a prime corner spot where Federal flagship lineup is occupied to cater all size businesses to shop owners worldwide, the colorful graphic elements adopted to the new station has maintained strong visual links with a distinctly local twist. It highlights the unique character of the brand and its story as one of our key drivers of comprehensive corporation identity package that to reflect vibrant and artistic spirit onsite – which guarantees emotional experiences for all enthusiasts, fans and drivers. Together with helpful and knowledgeable employees ready to best serve the customers, such a store not only holds to a high level of customer satisfaction, but also sets standard of an active, modern and contemporary premise. More importantly, the splashy shop keeps Federal at the forefront of consumers' minds.

We believe this exciting initiative will give us the opportunity to bring to consumers both quality and style that Federal is promoting as a useful tool kit to support sales through the independent sector. There are more than ten international distributors from around the world include U.S., Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines whom have currently applied the program – all represents Federal’s design heritage and aesthetic direction of an one stop destination to your nearest neighborhood and beyond.