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[2013/01/09] Federal Shines at 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award

    For two consecutive years, Federal has been highly recognized by The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan to receive the honorable “2012 Taiwan Excellence Award”. Two latest models from Federal – Himalaya ICEO winter tire and Couragia XUV All-season Touring tire were selected with their reputable performance and world-class quality in product innovation, design and manufacturing, all of which  demonstrating advantages of Taiwan-based Federal products meet perfectly to maintain its competitive edge in the global markets.

    Federal Tires is thrilled to outstand amongst other competitors, and we are proud to be able to deliver the perfect user experiences, while fulfill expectation of today’s consumers. Such excellence will be enhancing the overall image of the industry and the country through over 120 overseas sales channels.

    “Being accredited as one of well-known tire brands around the world, Federal Tires will continue its relentless effort to boost Federal as an international brand image and reputation of Taiwan and its dynamic industries in the business arena.” commented Geoffrey Chang, Marketing Manager of Federal Corp. “This award recognizes the outstanding hard work of our engineers, as well as our efforts to bring innovative new products to market," he concluded.

    The featuring of two product development which won the accolade are as follows:

*Couragia XUV All-season Touring SUV tire-
Developed especially for drivers of sport utility vehicles, crossing over among urban cities roads, Couragia XUV is a new SUV All-season Touring tire that delivers excellent stability and comfort for pleasant handling. The sophisticated symmetric cutting blocks design of the tire that not only prevents uneven tire wear, but also ensures smooth riding confidence.

*Himalaya ICEO studless winter tire-
Known for its durability and reliability in wintery driving, the newly developed new winter compound of Himalaya ICEO is designed with orientation on Japanese market, which is also described as "nordic" or multicell / foamy rubber compound with addition of high distribution silica to maintain efficient grip on ice and snow.